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ST. ANDREWS ART CLUB THURSDAY 28 MARCH 2019. - AGM 2019 MINUTES Apologies: various members gave their apologies for non-attendance. Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes: Proposer - Viv Lanning Seconder- Sylvia Robertson Matters Arising: i. Sadly Sheila Lydvo died during the last art club year 2018-19. ii. Lyn Evans has moved away from the area, but she remains a club member and will lead workshops whenever possible. iii. Majorie Dickens has stopped being Library member. Elizabeth Williams will take over with immediate effect. iv. Anonymous complaint letter. All 6 points in the letter were gone through and the Committee’s response noted for each. A full copy of both the letter and the Committee response was up on the club notice-board for all to see. Special mention was made of our Constitution stating that complaints should be formally directed to the President and be signed. Neither of this occurred but the Committee did discuss the unsigned contents. The President urged both the complainant (and any future such persons) to discuss complaints personally or with a signed letter. President’s Report: i. Outdoor painting day 2018 at Craigtoun was poorly attended and the Committee will discuss possible alternative arrangements. ii. New Members supper, May 2018, admirably catered for by Lyn Evans iii. Summer Exhibition 2018 had poor sales (39 sold). Christmas 2018 sold proportionately more mounted pictures than framed. iv. Margo Christie was thanked for coping with domestic supplies for the Club. v. 2018-19 Thursday evening talks have been marvelously varied and enjoyable. Members were urged to attend. vi. Whole committee thanked and applauded. Property Report: i. A boiler leak resulted in new flooring and new kitchen units being necessary. ii. PAT annual test completed; also roof inspection and fire extinguisers serviced. iii. Feasibility of proper disabled access is being investigated. iv. Chris Carter reported Fife Council’s new bin content ruling mainly concerning waste paper and tissues and what will and will not be acceptable and in which bin. Further information will be forthcoming in due course. Membership Report: Membership is currently renewing - deadline 1 April 2019. 20 on waiting list. Class & Workshop Report: This is a huge job tackled by Ailsa Primmer with considerable imagination and commitment. Treasurer”s Report: i. investment income down 2018-19 due to current economic climate.. ii. 2018 Club membership subs slightly down by 21. iii. Easter exhibition 2018 sales better than Summer or Christmas 2018. Duration increased to week + 2 weekends. iv. New wall heaters reduced electricity bill considerably. v. £600 (rounded up from donation box total) will be given to Club Charity Riding for Disabled. vi. Kitchen repairs cost more than expected - old units rotten, new required. New Committee Election: Moira Mukherjee - President - Proposer J. Le Maitre Seconder P. Robertson Maureen Duggan - Vice-President - Propose M. Christie Seconder B. Forrester Jean Le Maitre - Secretary - Proposer S. Sinclair Seconder M. Lorimer Hon. Member: Alan Stephens was proposed V. Lanning seconded - I. Hendry Club Charity It was decided by vote that the new Club 2019-20 would be The Food Bank. A.O.C.B. i. It was decided that of 5 permitted exhibition submissions per member, ONE could be N.F.S. ii. Morag Harrison asked for current full committee to be introduced to meeting. 2020 AGM Date - TBA 

AGM 19/20 & 20/21 PRESIDENT’S REPORT Before giving my report I would just like to take a minute to remembering those members and tutors who have sadly passed away: Carole Tricker Pat Metcalfe Sue Winton Carole and Pat were both longstanding active members of the club and Sue was an excellent water colourist and popular tutor, they will all be sadly missed. When sitting down to write this report trying to recall the details of the last 2 years, or anything that happened pre Covid, has been a challenge. Even with the aid of the minutes , it all seems such a long time ago! One thing I do very clearly remember though, is the feeling of dread at the daunting task of taking over the position of President from Susan Forsyth at the March 2019 AGM . I remember thinking I had some very big boots to fill, and the saying like a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ would have been a very apt description of how I was feeling . However , the committee, and you the members , have been very welcoming and have made my task very easy. Back then little did I know that my tenure would be such an eventful roller coaster ride and include a Global Pandemic too! 2019 , from what I recall was like any other ‘normal’ year . Ailsa Primmer our programme organiser ensured that the members had an excellent and varied diet of classes, workshops and evening talks. Margo kept us all topped up with tea, coffee, biscuits and hand towels and our 3 art exhibitions went well! The summer exhibition though was a little slow, which if I recollect rightly, was due to the awful wet weather ! Despite our visitors being drenched, overall we had a decent number of sales all told. The ‘Paint St Andrews in a day’ plein air painting day in the summer of 2019 was, as had been the previous year’s trip to Craigtoun, poorly attended . Those who did brave the stares of passers-by had an enjoyable day and produced some lovely art works . Andrew Parry judged the entries and we all finished the day in style, with a cup of tea and a slice of our Vice President Maureen’s delicious strawberry and fresh cream sponge ! Storehouse StAndrews Foodbank became the new charity to receive our support. I’m very pleased to say that over the last 2 years , with your generosity and kindness, we have been able to make numerous donations to this very worthy cause. The Winter term 2019 went without a hitch and we ended the year with our Christmas party and exhibition! January and February 2020 were also reasonably uneventful with classes progressing well , but there was growing concern over the spread of the new Covid19 viral illness! In early January 2020 a Club trip was organised to the Queens Gallery at HolyRood House to see the Leonardo 500 exhibition. Despite initial enthusiasm , the anxiety over the Corona virus caused some members to have second thoughts! Those of us who did go had a very enjoyable morning and we were very privileged to see an array of beautifully detailed drawings by the great master! Chris Carter stepped down from his role as chief recycler , and the committee set up a rota to cover his tasks. I’m sure I can speak for the others when I say we didn’t realise what a massive job Chris had been carrying out until we had to do it ourselves! Sadly, Maureen felt unable to continue in the role of Vice President and stepped down. We were very fortunate though when Sabine Hotho agreed , pending approval at the AGM , to take over the post. Ian Cochrane was also co opted on to the committee in the hope that he would, take over management of the website and face book page from Alan at the AGM However,, to combat the spread of SARS- Cov 2 the First National lockdown in March 2020 brought everything to a sudden standstill! Despite face to face classes ,workshops and meetings all being cancelled the committee continued to meet, initially by email and then via Zoom. Following Advice from OSCR and through balloting of you our members, the March AGM was deferred . At an extraordinary meeting ,as office bearers ,Jean ,Pam and I took on the role of committee and the remainder of the committee became ordinary members. This enabled us to vote Ian and Sabine onto the committee and to agree the accounts for 2019/20 . The committee felt that, despite being in lockdown, keeping you our members engaged was key. The monthly painting competition was therefore born , with a new challenge being set every month. We have routinely had 20-30 members taking part every month . Supporting local businesses was also important to the committee, so the prizes ,instead of being the usual cheques are now vouchers for art department at Innes’s. Throughout the first lock down Jean wrote a weekly letter of inspirational musings and contemplations which kept us motivated and gave us something to look forward to and made us feel less isolated. Sadly during the summer ,despite shops pubs and restaurants opening, the advice received from the Scottish Governments Covid Advice Group stated that classes could not restart. Following various reports in the press regarding race and inappropriate use of online platforms, we realised that the club didn’t have any guidance or policies on these issues . The committee therefore have put together some guidance on these matters which will be posted on the website . These documents ( see attached ) will presented at the AGM for discussion/ adoption by the members. Ian, with the aid of Survey Monkey initiated , set up and collated a ‘Members Survey’ . The aim of which was to obtain baseline information from you the members. The results of which would then be used to help us organise and deliver a programme of classes and workshops to meet your needs. It is hoped that this survey will be repeated on a regular basis. Ian was also instrumental , along with Ailsa ,in commissioning the Online Tutorials , which are all still available to view on the website. All this new online activity required Alan to research and initiate a major update and upgrade of the clubs website. The additional storage we now have gives us the ability to upload more photos, videos and if wanted we can also do online sales. In December 2020 we managed to hold a slightly smaller that usual, but nonetheless impressive Christmas Exhibition . Ann and Sabine pulled off an excellent publicity coup with a full page write up about the forthcoming exhibition in the local papers. To keep you ,our members safe, strict ‘Covid secure’ guidelines were drawn up and to minimise contact and limit personal risk, the committee shouldered the burden of staffing the exhibition. The new added capacity on the website allowed the club for the first time, to hold the exhibition online as well as within the club rooms. Although we made no online sales, we did have just under 1000 people viewing the exhibition and a couple of online enquiries too. Also, in a bid to keep infection risk down we invested in a Sum Up contactless card payment machine. This proved very popular and majority of the sales were paid for using this. The number of paintings sold was down fractionally but the sale income was higher . In the effort to support our named charity the committee were all in agreement , that a percentage of our sales commission should go to our charity Store House. Sadly, after Christmas everything locked down yet again, but despite this we have again had a first for the club, in the form of online Zoom workshops . These and the monthly competitions will hopefully continue until we are able to restart the face to face classes. So to finish, despite Covid and it being a bit of a roller coaster of a tenure, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as President! I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the committee and to you the members, for your support over the last 2 years. Yours Moira Mukherjee President Property Report April 2019 Possibility of disabled access explored with an architect but the position of the main drain would be a problem. A removable ramp was purchased. May 2019 Annual PAT and roof inspections carried out. June 2019 All outside lights replaced with LED lights. July 2019 New insurer sourced (by Pam) at a fraction of the cost. January 2020 Request for handrail to fencing on the lane declined by Westport. 2020 Annual PAT test ,roof inspection and extinguisher service carried out. Committee Business The following committee members are stepping down or have reached the end of their tenure:- Ailsa Primmer Ian Cochrane Ann Smith Alan Stephens Moira Mukherjee The members have duly nominated the following persons to be elected onto the committee Nominations Post Proposer Seconder Sabine Hotho President Helen Spence Ann Smith Jo Mcgeogh Vice President Michelle Hewitt Penny Halliwell Ali Mcqueen Publicity Jean LeMaitre Liz Craig Serazer Pekerman Website / FaceBook Moira Mukherjee Pam Robertson Moira Mukherjee Class & Work shop Lyn Evans Christine Moodie 


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