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Autumn 2019

Monday 10 - 12am.    Jonathan Koetsier.      Oils

23rd September - 25th November
10 weeks  £60

"Fundamentals of oil painting from observation"
Within this course I will be sharing a personal passion of mine, oil painting from observation. I will be teaching a series of techniques and approaches that I have learned and developed through much research and learning independently as an artist and as a student at Falmouth University where I achieved a BA in Drawing and MA Illustration.
The first four weeks we will work with still life painting learning how to arrange interesting compositions, draw accurately, mix colours and make paintings. The following three weeks we will work with the landscape furthering and build upon earlier introduced ideas about composition, drawing, colour mixing, and painting. The final three weeks we will work on a personal project centered on still life or landscape, where we will develop a painting based on a personal interest.
Monday 2 - 4pm.     Untutored
23rd September - 25th November
10 weeks £5
​Join fellow members in the club rooms to develop your own work
in an untutored but supportive atmosphere.

Tuesday 10 - 12am.     Judith Heald
First 5 weeks - Figure Drawing
24th September - 22nd October
5 weeks £50

Second 5 weeks - Portraiture
29th October - 26th November
4 weeks £45

“Figure drawing" 

We will be drawing from life , with an unclothed model , capturing the figure  using charcoal or brown conte pastel;

and later introducing some colour through a series of quick and then longer poses. 
We will consider liveliness in a drawing to express flow, tension and weight,

as well as methods into figure proportion and general techniques in the media. 



We will be drawing from life, with clothed models. We'll be looking at more detail, typically concentrating on the head or a part of the figure . Short and then extended studies will be made, using charcoal and earth colours and then introducing more colour,

in pastel or another preferred medium .
In the course we'll be working on building structure and tone with shading methods, and on developing quality of line,

as well as responding sensitively to the model. 
Both courses are suitable for all, both beginners and people experienced in figure drawing. Everyone's very welcome.”


Tuesday 1.45 - 4pm.      Andrew Parry


24th September - 26th November

10weeks £60

"Exploring different approaches to making paintings.’

Making art is difficult and so;  Why does art get done?  Why does it often not get done?   And what is the nature of the difficulties that stop many who start?

These sessions will explore different approaches to making pictures.

There will be some fast paced expressive drawing as well as working on longer sustained pieces.  You will also work in colour, this can be acrylics or oils.  

(This course does not include traditional watercolour techniques.  See Art Club programme for watercolour course)

The tutor will work with students individually and allow you to work to your level.  

There will also be some fun activities designed to help you ‘loosen up’ when drawing and painting and which will help you to develop your own ideas.

You do not have to be an ‘expert’ or experienced artist to enjoy this course.  It is open to anyone who enjoys using paint and is interested in trying out different approaches  to making pictures.  

You will need to bring the following materials;

Charcoal, soft pencil.  Sketchbook / scrap/cheap paper for quick drawings Oil or acrylic paints.  Brushes.  (large and small)

Supports - e.g. canvases, primed boards etc.  (can be hardboard, heavy card),  bring a few

Turps or other solvent for oils and if possible some acrylic primer (often sold at Rymans, and Citizen Office)


Tuesday evening 7 - 9pm      Susan Forsyth.


24th September - 26th November
10 weeks £60

"Oil painting - Tonal landscapes"

Looking at introducing drama and atmosphere into landscape scenes through the use of tone. We are aiming to produce at least 5 finished paintings over the 8 weeks. We will be looking at a range of artists who utilise tone in their work. I will be providing a range of images for each exercise but as always try to collect any images you are inspired by.


Wednesday 10 - 12am.    Michelle Hewitt


25th September - 27th November
10 weeks £60

"Pastel painting"

Michelle will be happy to do a short demo each week which, during the first week for those not used to pastels, will be focused on the different types of pastels and papers and the effects of using each.
Each week after this  she will do a demo focussed on a different theme such as skies, trees, people, faces, animals, birds etc.
The class members can either choose a subject which matches the weeks demo or work on something entirely different.  Michelle will give assistance and guidance when needed.
This format is not rigid and students can establish preferences as the course progresses. 
Thursday 10 - 12am.      Ruth Stiven.       
26th September - 28th November
10 weeks £60


This course is suitable for all levels of either returning or first time participants.
For those who are new to the class, watercolour techniques will include brush handling, glazing, charging wet-into-wet, erasing, and colour analysing. 
In addition, we will cover basic drawing skills for e.g. geometric shapes, reflective surfaces, draped fabric, botanical forms - for still life or landscape.
Drawing will not feature heavily, but in a way that aids confidence and skill in handling watercolour as a medium.
Simple exercises will feature the visual elements of line, tone, texture, shape, form, colour, perspective and composition, working from actual objects or photo references of your choice.
Weekly demonstrations - to opt in or out of - as well as tutor support for your own painting project, will allow you to produce a finished piece of work as well as or instead of doing weekly samples and trials.
Bring along watercolour paints,  brushes and paper as well as your curiosity and enthusiasm!
Thursday 2 - 4pm.       Jean Duncan.


26th September - 28th November​

10 weeks £60

"Collage and Mixed Media"

Using a range of resists with watercolour, and building layers with prepared papers.

Using Japanese papers for collage, dying and printing.

Working with gesso, wax and watercolour.  Cutting stencils for printing and collage.

Each week the tutor introduces a technique or approach to working. Alongside this, members have the freedom to continue developing a particular technique or theme of their own.

The main focus for the group is recognising that art works develop through understanding

he creative process and being able to enjoy that process.

Friday 10 - 12am.      Untutored
27th September - 29th November
10 weeks  £5
Join fellow members in the club rooms to develop  your own work
in an untutored but supportive atmosphere.


Autumn 2019

Saturday 28th September   10am - 4pm.
Steve Bretel   £25


 Line and wash painting coastal town/urban settings 

Saturday 19th October 10am - 4pm 

Mark Holden.    £25


“ Creating Impact using Skylines “
Students are invited to bring images of a chosen skyline ( junction between sky and buildings ).

Mark will also have a set of images with him which students can use and he is happy to works with any preferred medium.


Saturday 9th November 10am - 4pm £25


Sunday 10th November 10am - 4pm £25   (Repeat of Saturday)


Lyn Evans.  

“Painting a Winter Scene in Pastel or Watercolour”

Students will be encouraged to bring along a winter image or use one provided

by Lyn and choose to paint using either pastel or watercolour.

Saturday 16th November.  10am - 4pm. £25


Sunday 17th November.  10am - 4pm £25   (Repeat of Saturday)


Susan Forsyth
"Painting the Autumn Landscape"


Saturday 23rd November 10am - 4pm


Eileen Gardner.  £25

"Seascapes - big waves in pastel"


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