2019 Christmas Exhibition 

Preview for members and friends - Friday 6 December @ 7.30 pm

Exhibition continues - 7-15 December

Usual rules - each member may submit  5 pieces of framed or mounted work Of those 5 artworks:- 1 work not larger than 36" x 24" including the frame or 2 works not larger than 30"x30" including the frame.

This exhibition, like the Easter one, needs to have a group of artists working whilst the public comes to view.  If you choose to exhibit, you should be prepared to attend at least 2 of the opening hour slots.  A list will go on the board for signing up before classes stop.

Send your card details - title, medium, price, name by 2 DECEMBER at the latest, to:

Jean Le Maitre, Secretary, St. Andrews Art Club

Insurance of members’ work and the safety of personal items is the responsibility of each
individual. Damage incurred by Club property will be recompensated.

Enquiries: Moira Mukherjee  07794563454 Rota: Jean Le Maitre – 01334 476038

General rules for all Club Exhibitions

A - 5 works in total, any medium, framed or unframed of which

B - 1 work not larger than 36" x 24" including the frame or 

C - 2 works not larger than 30"x30" including the frame

D - 1 may be NFS.  

E - Hanging fee £1 per submission including NFS

F -   Label on back with name, title, medium, price.  

G -  Same details to Secretary by date announced before each exhibition.

H -  Rota duties 2 slots Easter & Christmas;  3 slots Summer.



This Policy has been drawn up by the Committee with input from club members. The Policy will be on display on the Notice Board.
1. Only members of St. Andrews Art Club may hold private exhibitions of work for sale. When more than one artist is exhibiting, all artists must be Club members.
2. At the Committee's discretion, private exhibitions may be held after the Club Summer Exhibition and prior to the commencement of autumn classes/workshops. This is approximately a seven week period during August and the first three weeks of September. No private exhibitions are to be held in the period between the end of summer classes/workshops and the Club Summer Exhibition.
3.Requests for private exhibitions after the end of the deadline date, will be taken on a "first come, first served" basis.
4. Bookings can be requested for six day blocks only, running from 1 pm Friday until the following Thursday pm.
5. Following the Club Summer Exhibition the additional side screens will be left In place for private exhibitions and removed by the Committee prior to autumn classes. The Club exhibition centre screens will be unavailable for use. Club easels and wall space in the middle room may be used if required.
6. The charge for use of the Clubrooms for private exhibitions is £50 per (6 day week).
7. Club members holding private exhibitions are responsible for their own insurance. The Club insurance policy will cover the fabric of the building.
8. The Committee reserves the right to review and amend this policy.

 Applications should be submitted before the 1st of January of the year in which the exhibition is planned. 


 © 2019 Alan Stephens