Minutes of the latest committee meetings





Present:               S. Hotho, M. Mukherjee, J. Cousland, P. Robertson, A. McQueen,

                              S. Pekerman, M. Christie, J. Le Maitre

Apologies:           L. Craig

Approval of 12.3.21 Minutes:  Proposer: M. Mukherjee  Seconder:  Margo Christie


Matters Arising:  nil


AGM business:   Settlement of club charity for 2021-22.  H. Spence (club member)

                               suggested at AGM a change to support for a more general HUB based

                               in St. Andrews encompassing a variety of charities under one roof.  The

                               committee settled the matter by a majority vote to continue to support

                               Store House Food Bank, St. Andrews until 2022 AGM.


Treasurer:             i. The club accounts are now displayed on the club website, minus

                                   signatories. Business Stream has been informed and the club retains

                                   charitable status.

                               ii. OSCR (Office of Scottish Charity Regulator) alerted Treasurer to the

                                    requirement for the Club to alter its Constitution with respect to AGM

                                    meetings conducted via Zoom instead of as a face to face meeting due

                                    to COVID restrictions.  The adjustment will appear within our

                                    Constitution and circulated to all members as well as on our website.


Membership:       nil


Property:              nil


Classes/Workshops Talks:                     

                               i.   L. Evans workshop (18 members) was successful.  M. Holden will tutor

                                     3 sessions in May.  A query about medium based classes v. subject-

                                     based was raised - tutors will be asked.  It is hoped to resume face-to-

                                     face classes in September together with some evening talks via Zoom.

                               ii.  The ethical question of on-line sessions being videoed was discussed.

                                     Guidelines will be drawn up for this issue and appropriate action



Spring Exhibition 1-9 May 2021 

                               All members have received details and dates assuming face-to-face

                               contact will be permitted. 


St. Andrews in-Focus competition:

                               Images to be with secretary by 27 April, selected thereafter by

                               Editor of St. Andrews in Focus, Flora Selwyn.  There will be the usual

                               1,2,3,4 prizes with 1st prize also appearing as a summer edition cover.


Policy:                   A member raised the matter of how the club reacts to anyone

                                with mental health issues.  The club Quality & Diversity policy will be

                                amended to accommodate this.  There was considerable further

                                discussion particularly about welcoming new members to the club

                                besides addressing privacy issues concerning details given by

                                members when joining the club.  (No new members’ party in 2020-21)


AOCB:                  It was suggested that Zoomed committee meetings might continue beyond the lifting of social distancing rules.  


Next Meeting:      Tuesday 18 May @ 4 pm




21 members attended.  No apologies were received.


2019 AGM Minutes were approved Proposer: A. Stephens  Seconder: L. Martin

2020 AGM Minutes – no Meeting due to Covid restrictions.


Matters Arising:           i.  The President remembered 3 who had died

                                            between 2019-2021 – C. Tricker, P. Metcalfe, S. Winton (tutor)


President’s Report:     The out-going President gave a full resume of club events

                                       and activities between March 2019-March 2021 – a period

                                       dominated by Covid restrictions requiring much

                                       innovative thinking and planning in which Zoom played a

                                       major part in keeping members in touch and tutored.  A

                                       Christmas exhibition 2020 managed to take place with

                                       modest sales but slightly higher takings than in previous

                                       exhibitions. This enabled the club to donate generously to

                                       our chosen charity, being Store House food bank.


Property Report:       Between March 2019 and March 2021

                                      i.    A disabled ramp was purchased

                                      ii.   Annual PAT and roof inspections carried out

                                      iii.  All outside lights replaced with LED lights

                                      iv.  New club insurer employed at lesser cost than before.

M’ship Report:           i.    March 2021 – 160 members  12 on waiting list

                                      ii.   Renewal date moved from 31 March to 1 August for

                                               foreseeable future.


Class/Talk Report:   i.     Various classes have been tutored via Zoom and will continue.

                                    ii.    3 Thursday evening talks planned via Zoom on

                                           1 April, 29 April, 20 May 2021 @ 7.30 pm

                                    iii.   Thanks were given to Ailsa Primmer, Ian Cochrane,

                                           Alan Stephens for their hard work in planning, executing and

                                           maintaining on-line tuition.


Treasurer’s Report:  i.    Due to Covid restrictions, the club has saved a considerable

                                          amount. Some savings have been spent on prizes for monthly

                                          competitions and on tutor fees for planned 15 minute tutorials

                                          and occasional zoomed classes.

                                     ii.  A generous donation to Store House food bank was possible                     

                                          due both to members’ generosity (no refund for Covid

                                          cancelled classes in March 2020) and 2020 Winter exhibition

                                          sales commission.   Gift Aid was claimed and backdated by 4

                                          years amounting to £2530. 


New Committee:      S. Hotho President; J. Cousland Vice-President; M. Mukherjee Classes; 

                                     S. Pekerman Website management;  A. McQueen publicity


2021-2022 Club Charity: TBA

2022 AGM:  March 2022. 




Present:                     M. Mukherjee, S. Hotho, L. Craig, A. Smith, A. Stephens,

                                    M. Christie, P. Robertson, J. Le Maitre


No Apologies


Minutes 29.1.21 – Proposed:  L. Craig   Seconded:  P. Robertson – filed.


Matters Arising:      ia.  On-line workshops – M. Holden – 9 members paying £10

                                                                                L. Evans – 10 members paying £10                                        

                                          Discussion about length of session & payment. 

                                          A further course of 3 sessions per tutor was suggested with timing (60 or 90 minutes)

                                          linked to payment (£10/£15 per participant).

                                    ib. Evening talks – S. McLeod – Thursday 1 April

                                           Arrangement of further Thursday p.m. talks t.b.a.

                                    ii.   Monthly competition response has been steady and

                                          enthusiastic.  February competition had 20 participants.

                                    iii.  25.3.21 AGM – President will e-mail Zoom link

                                          to all members in advance of above date.  All relevant

                                          committee reports will be attached.  Comments will be

                                          invited from members during Zoom meeting.


All 2021-22 new committee members have been  proposed / seconded.


Treasurer:                Committee asked to approve purchase of up-to-date Excel

                                   computer programme for Treasurer’s use - £59.99 p.a.


Membership:           Nothing to report


Property:                  Nothing to report


A.O.C.B.                  None


Next meeting date decided after AGM.




Present:         M. Mukherjee, P. Robertson, L. Craig, S. Hotho, A. Smith, A. Stephens, J. Le Maitre

Apologies:     M. Christie


Minutes of 17.12.20:  Proposed – L. Craig              Seconded – A. Stephens


Matters Arising:       ia.  On-line tutorials – various tutors have been approached and a programme will

                                          be organised and circulated as soon as possible.  Tutors approached included:

                                           L. Evans, M. Holden, S. Bretel, G. Wright, J. Heald.

                                    ib.  Competitions – these will continue monthly with results broadcast on Facebook

                                          and on Art Club website under Competitions.

                                    iia. Notice, as per club constitution, circulated to all club members in advance of

A.G.M. for nominations for new committee members to be put forward.

     2021 A.G.M. will take place at 7 pm on Thursday 25 March. Business will be

     carried over from 2020 A.G.M. which was cancelled due to virus restrictions.

iib. Web-site manager – all members ask to nominate someone with web-site skills)

                                           (fellow member or partner).

iii.  Easter exhibition: this was proposed as Spring Exhibition for 30 April – 9 May 21

      to follow similar format as Christmas exhibition as far as possible.


Treasurer:                  The club’s finances are in a healthy state with donation to club’s chosen charity

St. Andrews Food Bank amounting to:

£41.75 from 10% commission on sales

£39.05 from charity box

£80.80 total donation

(donation raised from 5% to 10% of sales commission with committee approval).


Membership:                        Membership renewal date moved forward from 1 April to 1 August 2021.


Property:                    Nothing to report.


A.O.C.B.                       i. Art club standing firm on decision not to engage legal assistance if owner of

                                    Ivybank does not repair the breach in her garden wall in the summer as promised.

(The understanding is that the breached wall is the property of Ivybank and the pathway from the Argyle Street road-head to the Ivybank breach is shared by all properties with access from it).


ii. Christmas 2020 exhibition unsold work will be removed from the website by 31.1.21.


 Date of Next meeting: Friday 12 March at 2 p.m.




17.12.20 @ 2PM

Present:  M. Mukherjee, P. Robertson, A. Smith, E.Craig, S. Hotho, J.Le Maitre, A. Stephens

Apologies: M. Christie

30.10.20 Minutes approved – Proposed: S. Hotho, Seconded: A. Stephens. Minutes filed.

Matters Arising:       a.         Christmas 2020 Exhibition

  1. Very successful with 31 sales – few on-line enquiries, many website hits.

  2. Nearly all sales via Sum-up card.

  3. Publicity was well-organised and helped by Citizen piece.  Distribution of fliers by hand & on-line effective.

  4. Website was much praised.  Management benefitted from daily up-loading as submission details came in.

  5. It was decided that on-line element of exhibition would remain live on-line until end January with artists dealing with any sales or enquiries themselves and repaying club 15% sales commission to club thereafter.  (Pictures of artists who are not willing to sell thus will be removed from website). Subsequent exhibitions (Easter, Summer) might adopt the same approach, leaving on-line element of exhibition viable for a further month after actual exhibition ends in clubrooms.

b.                     Discussion about setting up on-line tutorials, possibly with Zoom element, during spring 2021.  Regular tutors to be approached.

c.                     Recruitment of new committee members to be reviewed early 2021 before March AGM.

d.                     Breach of lane wall adjoining clubrooms – owner of house involved (Ivybank) has agreed to repair breach during summer 2021.  Art club is happy with this and does not intend to share any legal costs that may accrue if Print shop resorts to legal action.

Membership:                        Nothing to report                                                                                

Property:                     Annual check completed of Fire extinguishers and lavatory unblocked during Exhibition

 Treasurer:                  5% of 15% sales commission + donations donated to Store House -£60

A.O.C.B.                      Discussion about exhibition screens with various ideas suggested to reduce heavy moving in future. Committee to review 2021.

Next Meeting:           Friday 29 January 2021 @ 2 pm





Present:  Moira Mukherjee, Jean Le Maitre, Pam Robertson, Sabine Hotho, Ann Smith. 

   Alan Stephens attended by invitation for website information.

Apologies:  Margo Christie, Liz Craig

11.9.20 Minutes approved – Proposed – Ann Smith;  Seconded – Sabine Hotho.

Matters Arising:     a.  2020 AGM cancelled because of virus restrictions.  All members asked

          i. rearrange autumn 2020 or ii. hold March 2021. Voting 51-7 in favour.

     b.  All-member survey available on club website

     c   i. On-line tutorials for October are now available on club website.  Feed back numbers recorded for times visited (not actual member numbers). 

          ii. More tutors will be approached and invited to provide video tutorials.  Also the possibility of a Zoom-type workshop to consolidate tutorial experience.  Members to be asked for views.

d.     Ailsa Primmer & Ian Cochrane have retired from committee.  Membership to be approached to join committee team to bring committee numbers up to strength – preferably 9 in total.

e.     Christmas exhibition:  sub-committee (M. Mukherjee, J. Le Maitre, L. Craig, P. Robertson, A. Stephens) discussed as follows:

                     Screens erected – A. Stephens & G. Le Maitre

                     22nd November submission details to Secretary.

                     30th November hand-in

                     4th December hang

                     5th -13th December exhibition – daily 10-4 Sunday 12-4.

                     All committee to share invigilation duties

                     Selling from walls and on-line.  On-line sales communicated to clubroom invigilators via telephone.

                     Usual 15 % commission of which 5% of sales donated to club charity Store House food bank. (Treasurer to donate from final sales sum).

                     Advertising poster to be circulated throughout town and all members asked to publicise via e-mail.

Membership:                       Nothing to report

Property:                                Nothing to report

Treasurer:                              Nothing to report

A.O.C.B.                                    Breach in wall opposite club rubbish bins.  Wall owner agreed to repair fully June 2021, having inserted door meantime. 

Date of next meeting:    Thursday 17 December @ 2 pm – to be confirmed.  (Delete 20.11.20)


Present: Moira Mukherjee, Pam Robertson, Ian Cochrane, Liz Craig, Margo Christie, Ann Smith, Sabine Hotho, Ailsa Primmer, Jean Le Maitre

Apologies:  None

20.8.20 Minutes approval:  Approved 1. Liz Craig  2. Ann Smith

Matters Arising:       a.  2020 AGM – e-mail with options 1 & 2 (see Minutes 20.8.20) has been circulated to all club members. 

By 11.9.20 40 replies for Option 1 = 40 &  Option 2 = 5. Prompt and leave for further 14 days.

b.  Update for face to face classes/workshops.  Not yet.  Discussion about alternative forms art club could adopt to get around government restrictions but dismissed as unworkable.  Scottish gov. will reassess 5th October.

c.  On-line tutorials – a second set of 4 tutorials by popular demand.  Launch end-September.

d.  All-member survey being collated with data kept and maintained as members resign or join.

e. Brief discussion about on-line subs payment. Discuss again nearer to membership renewal date. (Treasurer/Membership secretary must know that payment has been made). Present system works well.

Membership Report:            nil

Property Report:                   nil

Treasurer’s Report:              Overall finances in healthy state allowing prizes for monthly competitions £440, July on-line tutorials £225. Small savings made during lock-down .ie. no paper towels, fewer hours for cleaner, no speaker fees.

A.O.C.B.                                i. It was decided that a physical Christmas exhibition should be advertised – 4-13 December.  This as much for membership morale with sales being an incidental aspect.  Firmer details to be circulated to all membership in due course.

                                                ii. Ailsa Primmer has asked to stand down from the committee. A temporary               replacement until AGM 2021 elections is being sought.

                                                iii. A suggestion that the club Minutes should be displayed on-line.  Agreed.  Also more club data on website after further thought re. data protection.

Date of Next Meetings:       Friday 30 October @ 2 pm;  Friday 20 November @ 2 pm


Present: Pam Robertson, Alan Stephens, Ann Smith, Liz Craig, Sabine Hotho, Ian Cochrane, Ailsa Primmer, Moira Mukherjee   Apologies:  Margo Christie, Jean Le Maitre

Minutes:  31.7.20 Minutes approved – Proposer – S.Hotho  Seconder – A. Smith

Matters Arising:       A.         Alternative AGM arrangements:  2 Options suggested thus:

  1.  Accounts agreed and passed by committee.  Postpone 2020 AGM until 2021.

  2.  Virtual AGM via Zoom in September 2020 as follows:

Elected officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary) remain in role for reasons of accountability.

All other committee swop hats and become ordinary members to receive reports, present accounts.They confirm officers and elect VP.

Written versions of reports put on web and/or circulated to all members prior to meeting with written queries being invited prior to meeting and then presented to committee members (as ordinary members) and addressed by elected officers.

The session can be recorded and hopefully uploaded to website.  Members who wish to be included in Zoom AGM can apply but for reasons of practicality, numbers will be limited to 5 via ballot if necessary.

B.         Re-opening of face to face classes in September.  Tutors views on teaching classes.  UK Gov. guidelines state clubs or groups may meet in COVID-19 secure venues.  St. Andrews Art Club has set out appropriate secure measures. Scottish Gov. have not issued similar guidelines. 

C.         On-line tutor feed-back:  140 views to date.  Feed-back responses optional but 10 received, mostly positive.  4 further on-line tutorials to be requested.

D.        On-line exhibitions:  club website can run this but idea put on hold meantime.

E.         Members’ survey feed-back:  101 responses (83 named).  Info to be collated into data base held by club.  Feed-back given to members in due course.

F.         Changes to Membership Renewal date:  majority agreed to move renewal date to later in year but decision need not be finalised until end of year 2020.

Class Secretary Report, M’ship Secretary Report, Property Report - all nothing to report

Treasurer Report:     Written information re. smaller size class-workshop fee structure.  Decision to be made re. viable class numbers.


Next Meeting:                       Friday 11 September 2020 @ 2 pm



 31.7.20 @ 2 PM IN CLUBROOMS

Present:  Moira Mukherjee, Sabine Hotho, Margo Christie, Pam Robertson, Jean Le Maitre, 

               Liz Craig.

Apologies: Ian Cochrane, Ann Smith, Ailsa Primmer, Alan Stephens

Minutes Approval:  Minutes of 1.7.20 meeting Proposed S. Hotho Seconded M. Christie

Matters Arising:         i. All-member questionnaire – review after closing date 14.8.20

                                    ii. On-line exhibitions – review as above

                                    iii. Facebook policy statement –

a. no political statements

b. no promotional charitable fund-raising. 

iv. Re-opening of room for general use: Risk assessment policy to be agreed first.

Class Secretary Report: - no report (on-line tutorial videos to be approved by committee)

Property Report: - the clubrooms are insured for a further year costing approx.. £503

Membership Report: Possible change of Membership renewal from March to

          July/August 2021 giving existing members extra 4 months missed 2020.

          To be discussed in due course.

Treasurer Report:      i. Scottish Power has refunded £400 credit amassed from direct debits.

                                  ii. Discussion about class numbers/fee within social distance measures:

                                        Class numbers limited to 6 max: 10 week fee £100; 5 week fee £50

                                        Workshop (1 day) 6 max £25

A.O.C.B.:                  i.  Tea/coffee/biscuit provision suspended for social distance period.

                                  ii. Cancelled March AGM due to social distancing measures – confirm

                                         position with OSCR re. holding replacement AGM.


Next Meetings:           Thursday 20 August @ 2 pm

                                    Friday 11 September @ 2 pm 

 © 2019 Alan Stephens