Minutes of the latest committee meetings



 31.7.20 @ 2 PM IN CLUBROOMS

Present:  Moira Mukherjee, Sabine Hotho, Margo Christie, Pam Robertson, Jean Le Maitre, 

               Liz Craig.

Apologies: Ian Cochrane, Ann Smith, Ailsa Primmer, Alan Stephens

Minutes Approval:  Minutes of 1.7.20 meeting Proposed S. Hotho Seconded M. Christie

Matters Arising:         i. All-member questionnaire – review after closing date 14.8.20

                                    ii. On-line exhibitions – review as above

                                    iii. Facebook policy statement –

a. no political statements

b. no promotional charitable fund-raising. 

iv. Re-opening of room for general use: Risk assessment policy to be agreed first.

Class Secretary Report: - no report (on-line tutorial videos to be approved by committee)

Property Report: - the clubrooms are insured for a further year costing approx.. £503

Membership Report: Possible change of Membership renewal from March to

          July/August 2021 giving existing members extra 4 months missed 2020.

          To be discussed in due course.

Treasurer Report:      i. Scottish Power has refunded £400 credit amassed from direct debits.

                                  ii. Discussion about class numbers/fee within social distance measures:

                                        Class numbers limited to 6 max: 10 week fee £100; 5 week fee £50

                                        Workshop (1 day) 6 max £25

A.O.C.B.:                  i.  Tea/coffee/biscuit provision suspended for social distance period.

                                  ii. Cancelled March AGM due to social distancing measures – confirm

                                         position with OSCR re. holding replacement AGM.


Next Meetings:           Thursday 20 August @ 2 pm

                                    Friday 11 September @ 2 pm 


Present: Pam Robertson, Alan Stephens, Ann Smith, Liz Craig, Sabine Hotho, Ian Cochrane, Ailsa Primmer, Moira Mukherjee   Apologies:  Margo Christie, Jean Le Maitre

Minutes:  31.7.20 Minutes approved – Proposer – S.Hotho  Seconder – A. Smith

Matters Arising:       A.         Alternative AGM arrangements:  2 Options suggested thus:

  1.  Accounts agreed and passed by committee.  Postpone 2020 AGM until 2021.

  2.  Virtual AGM via Zoom in September 2020 as follows:

Elected officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary) remain in role for reasons of accountability.

All other committee swop hats and become ordinary members to receive reports, present accounts.They confirm officers and elect VP.

Written versions of reports put on web and/or circulated to all members prior to meeting with written queries being invited prior to meeting and then presented to committee members (as ordinary members) and addressed by elected officers.

The session can be recorded and hopefully uploaded to website.  Members who wish to be included in Zoom AGM can apply but for reasons of practicality, numbers will be limited to 5 via ballot if necessary.

B.         Re-opening of face to face classes in September.  Tutors views on teaching classes.  UK Gov. guidelines state clubs or groups may meet in COVID-19 secure venues.  St. Andrews Art Club has set out appropriate secure measures. Scottish Gov. have not issued similar guidelines. 

C.         On-line tutor feed-back:  140 views to date.  Feed-back responses optional but 10 received, mostly positive.  4 further on-line tutorials to be requested.

D.        On-line exhibitions:  club website can run this but idea put on hold meantime.

E.         Members’ survey feed-back:  101 responses (83 named).  Info to be collated into data base held by club.  Feed-back given to members in due course.

F.         Changes to Membership Renewal date:  majority agreed to move renewal date to later in year but decision need not be finalised until end of year 2020.

Class Secretary Report, M’ship Secretary Report, Property Report - all nothing to report

Treasurer Report:     Written information re. smaller size class-workshop fee structure.  Decision to be made re. viable class numbers.


Next Meeting:                       Friday 11 September 2020 @ 2 pm


Present: Moira Mukherjee, Pam Robertson, Ian Cochrane, Liz Craig, Margo Christie, Ann Smith, Sabine Hotho, Ailsa Primmer, Jean Le Maitre

Apologies:  None

20.8.20 Minutes approval:  Approved 1. Liz Craig  2. Ann Smith

Matters Arising:       a.  2020 AGM – e-mail with options 1 & 2 (see Minutes 20.8.20) has been circulated to all club members. 

By 11.9.20 40 replies for Option 1 = 40 &  Option 2 = 5. Prompt and leave for further 14 days.

b.  Update for face to face classes/workshops.  Not yet.  Discussion about alternative forms art club could adopt to get around government restrictions but dismissed as unworkable.  Scottish gov. will reassess 5th October.

c.  On-line tutorials – a second set of 4 tutorials by popular demand.  Launch end-September.

d.  All-member survey being collated with data kept and maintained as members resign or join.

e. Brief discussion about on-line subs payment. Discuss again nearer to membership renewal date. (Treasurer/Membership secretary must know that payment has been made). Present system works well.

Membership Report:            nil

Property Report:                   nil

Treasurer’s Report:              Overall finances in healthy state allowing prizes for monthly competitions £440, July on-line tutorials £225. Small savings made during lock-down .ie. no paper towels, fewer hours for cleaner, no speaker fees.

A.O.C.B.                                i. It was decided that a physical Christmas exhibition should be advertised – 4-13 December.  This as much for membership morale with sales being an incidental aspect.  Firmer details to be circulated to all membership in due course.

                                                ii. Ailsa Primmer has asked to stand down from the committee. A temporary               replacement until AGM 2021 elections is being sought.

                                                iii. A suggestion that the club Minutes should be displayed on-line.  Agreed.  Also more club data on website after further thought re. data protection.

Date of Next Meetings:       Friday 30 October @ 2 pm;  Friday 20 November @ 2 pm

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