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Extraordinary General Meeting (via ZOOM)

Monday 10th May 2021 at 7pm


Welcome and apologies

Consideration of amendments to the Constitution

Approval of amendments to the Constitution

Summary of process

Dear Club Members,

Since the start of the pandemic, all organisations have had to change their way of doing business and St Andrews Art Club has been no exception. Since March 2020 we have learned a lot about online video platforms, we have run virtual classes, workshops and have also recommenced the evening talks using Zoom. At the same time, all Club business has been conducted in virtual meetings. That includes both committee meetings and our AGM.


Our Constitution does not explicitly permit virtual business meetings. That is no surprise. It was last reviewed in 2016 - well before ZOOM became a household name. Again, the Art Club is no exception, most charities of our kind are in the same position. Throughout the pandemic, the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSRC) has been very supportive, but there is now an expectation that registered charities amend their constitutions, where required, to ensure that their governing documents permit virtual business meetings and physical meetings. 


With that in mind the Committee has now reviewed the Constitution and made the required amendments. We also took the opportunity to review any sections which do not yet reflect that we have 'moved into the digital age'.


We consider all amendments to be minor and no more than an appropriate update.


In order to gain approval for these amendments, we are required to call an EXTRAORDINARY ANNUAL MEETING (EGM) of all members. 


I would like to invite you to join the committee at 7pm on Monday 10th May for an EGM. The sole item on the agenda will be the approval of the proposed amendments. A 2/3 majority of all present will be required.  The meeting will be conducted via ZOOM, and we will send the invitation link nearer the time.


Once we have gained approval, the amended constitution together with the minutes of the EGM will be sent to OSCR. We hope to have the process completed by Friday 14th May.

Please find the two relevant documents down below for your consideration.

Sabine Hotho, President 



St Andrews Art Club
Amendments to the Constitution – May 2021

Summary of Amendments


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