September Competition

Dear all,

A huge thank you to all contributors to our September competition. What a wonderful range of interpretations of the theme. We have everything from a very timely collage to magic, from beautiful little creatures to lovely expressive portraits, and some fun as well. Well done to all artists - and to all members: just enjoy these lovely paintings and drawings.



July Competition
Winners & Entries

Thank you to all for your wonderful submissions for the July competition. As always it is great to see how a theme is interpreted - and to see the similarities and the differences in that interpretation. This months the interpretations range from the playful to the powerful. Thank you all!

June Competition
Winners & Entries

Thank you to all contributors to our June competition. What joyful interpretations of a truly joyful theme. This may be a competition - but every single contribution deserves its praise for providing us with so much colour and cheerfulness! Thank you!